It’s mad to think that we’re already nearing yet another Game of Thrones season finale. Weren’t we just saying the same thing about season five? Thankfully, we’ll be squeezing as much GoT as possible out of the final episode, as it is set to have the longest running time in the show’s history.

Entertainment Weekly have broken the news, saying that episode 10 of season six will be stretched out to a crazy 69 minutes in length. This is following weeks of speculation regarding the final two episodes, with rumours flying about a boosted run time for both of them. HBO’s silence just added fuel to the fire, but it’s great to finally get the confirmation.

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To put it all in perspective, the longest episode we’ve had so far was “The Children”, which was the season finale back in series four. It came in at 66 minutes in length. Now, a further three minutes may not seem like that big a deal, but when we’re looking to get as much out of GoT as possible, we’ll take every extra second.

With the curtain lifted on the last two episodes, HBO have also revealed the names of them. If you don’t want to know these small SPOILERS, then stop reading now.

Game of Thrones season finale

Season 6, episode 9

Episode nine, which is traditionally always a dramatic, surprising, sometimes shocking affair in every season, will be called “The Battle of the Bastards.” Sounding like an old school heavy metal album, this episode will be over the hour mark, and hints really heavily at the fact that Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton are going to sort things out, on the battlefield, once and for all. It airs on 19th June.

Game of Thrones season finale

Which brings us to the final episode, titled “The Winds of Winter.” Interestingly, this is the title to the as-yet-unreleased sixth book in the series by George RR Martin. Though the book doesn’t have its own release date yet, could the final episode – airing on 26th June – give us more of an insight into where that book is heading?

Though no official synopsis have been released for either episode (we love the suspense) we can only imagine the scale that the battle for Winterfell will have in episode nine, and as far as where we go in episode 10, only time will tell.