The best thing about GoT is all the hubbub from fans online about what they want to see next, who they hope will get taken out next and theories on just where the hell the show might be going. A new contender for best theory every has arrived, and it’s a heartbreakingly awesome Daenerys fan theory that, if it’s true, will have our brains melting out of our heads as we drown in a river of our own tears.

As always, this is JUST a theory at the moment, but could have some serious SPOILERS should it turn out to be true. Continue reading at your own peril!

Daenerys fan theory

At the end of the sixth episode of the latest season, Daenerys gave one of the most stirring speeches in the show’s history. Her cry of “Are you with me… Now, and always?” was met by the battlecry of the Dothraki horde. Stirring stuff, wasn’t it?

Here, have a quick refresh:

But what if there’s something else going on underneath all this? Fan speculation has been buzzing for a while, but recent events have us asking more than a few questions; What if everything isn’t as it seems, and there is actually a much darker side to her character than we originally though? Her character’s motivations have always been clear, but what if her achieving them lead to the most shocking revelation in the history of GoT…

(Cue dramatic music)

What if Daenerys is the series’ true villain?

What a twist, right?

In her speech (again, epic or what?) she echoes back to one given many moons (and seasons) ago by Khal Drogo, regarding the complete destruction of their enemies in Westeros. “Yay!” we hear you cry, surely this means she can turn up with her army and dragons and do away with those nasty Boltons and Freys, right?

Nope. Her “enemies” means everyone in her way of the Iron Throne: that includes pretty much EVERYONE ELSE in the whole show still with a pulse.

Remember that time that Jaime pushed Bran out a window? Simpler times, right? My my, hasn’t his character redeemed himself in the eyes of fans. Could it be that the show’s creators flip that long road to redemption on its head, and Dany takes after her father the Mad King, becoming the big bad of the show; let’s call her…

The mad Khaleesi

The show has been fond of playfully hinting at a closer connection between Aerys and his daughter with the use of Bran’s visions, and with Dany turning the heat up and burning down a certain Dothraki temple just a few weeks back…

…she seems to be a lot more like her father than we – and even she – originally admitted.

Daenerys fan theory

The hints are certainly there, and we know GoT aren’t afraid to play the long game with their biggest payoffs, so when Dany finally arrives in Westeros, looking to “break the wheel”, could it be her final step towards becoming the true villain of the show, before quickly barbecuing everyone else we’ve come to know and love?

What a brilliant, heartbreaker of an ending that would be.