Jurassic World may have come out and stomped all over the box office in 2015, but that wasn’t always the dino-sequel Universal Studios had planned. Back in 2001, Jurassic Park 3 happened. We say happened, because it didn’t particularly live up to T-Rex sized expectations. For starters, it was missing Jeff Goldblum and that’s always a handicap straight off the bat. Also, although it returned Sam Neill’s Dr Alan Grant to the central role, Joe Johnston’s direction couldn’t nearly match the blockbuster mastery of Steven Spielberg.

As a result, Universal Studios cancelled Jurassic Park 4. However, because the movie was cancelled doesn’t necessarily mean there wasn’t any work done on it. In fact, conceptual artist Carlos Huante toyed around with several different illustrations and ideas for new characters and dinosaurs, which he took to Instagram to share recently.

Several of the Jurassic Park 4 ideas remained in tact for Jurassic World, but we never got to see Huante’s outrageous idea for a human-dino hybrid, known as Raptorman. Have a look at the striking concept designs below:

Here’s an image from an approximately 14 year old, failed version of Jp4….

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Here’s one more raptorman

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Den of Geek reveals the genesis of Raptorman: “Raptorman was part of a screenplay envisioned by John Sayles and William Monahan, featuring genetically enhanced soldier-o-saurus reptiles created by a corporation to be mercenaries that are supposed to wrangle the rogue dinos trampling North America. The military dinos died out after studio execs decided this one big leap for dinosaur-kind was just too bizarre. It was this script that Jurassic World outlived to become the official fourth movie in the Jurassic Park franchise. The closest that ever got to the epic Sayles-Monahan concept was Dr. Henry Wu’s “designer” T-Rex-Velociraptor-Carnotaurus-Gigantosaurus-Majungasurus-Rugops-cuttlefish-tree frog-pit viper hybrid, Indominus Rex.”

Yeah, the idea of Raptorman is utterly ludicrous. Then again, so was the Indominus Rex. In fact, so is the entire premise upon which Jurassic Park is built. But who cares? It’s tremendous fun.

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