The hype for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is steadily but surely building. After the glorious success of James Gunn’s first movie, Marvel fans are pointing to the sequel as one of the most exciting upcoming superhero movies. Indeed, Gunn pretty much confirmed that there would be a Guardians 2 panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and, now, a new theory about the film has surfaced which is, in a word, amazing.

The theory was posted by Reddit user SuperCoenBros (we like the name) and it centres on the original 1969 version of the Guardians appearing in the sequel. The theory was triggered after Sharon Stone revealed new details about her mystery Marvel role, when she said it would be a character with heat powers.

“One of Gunn’s recent “what we shot Wednesdays” was a sketch of a close up on a face with the caption “her face wrapped in flame,” the Redditor wrote.

Because of Gunn’s sketch and Stone’s teasing, many have purported that the actress is portraying Nikki, a member of the original line-up, who will link up with other original members in Guardians 2.¬†

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“Holy shit, does that mean Stallone is Charlie-27? If Yondu hooks (back?) up with the OG GotG it would also be a Cliffhanger reunion.”

At the time of writing, Stallone’s role in Guardians 2 remains a mystery, but he was reportedly spotted on set donning a Judge Dredd-style helmet, leading theories to purport that he’s playing Charlie-27, a muscular soldier with outrageous, superhuman strength. That would definitely suit Sly.

Also, as another comment from the Reddit post points out, Yondu, who appeared in the first Guardians film, was indeed an original member of the team.


“If this is right, it seems quite plausible that Kurt Russel would play Stakar, AKA Starhawk, another OG GOTG. Why? He’s the son of Kismet/Ayesha, who is believed to be the main villain of Vol. 2, played by Elizabeth Debicki. If Starhawk is his dad and Kismet is his grandma, it would make Vol. 2 a real family affair for Peter Quill.”

So, Peter Quill’s father could be Starhawk? That would be a very intriguing affair indeed.¬†There was speculation aplenty that Kurt Russell was playing the father of Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord and Russell certainly fits the bill as Starhawk. The theory also points out that all these characters are 80s action heroes, linking to Star-Lord’s love of 80s culture (Awesome Mix, anyone?)