There are dozens of contenders for the best superhero of all time, depending on who you ask. If you ask an ardent DC Comics fan, it’s more than likely going to be Batman. If you put the question to a Marvel fanboy, they’ll probably reply with either Captain America or Spider-Man.

However, according to scientific research and a mightily impressive seven-year study from students at the University of Leicester, the answer is actually Superman. The University of Leicester set out to definitively answer perhaps the biggest question in all of comic book fandom by basing their results on powers and weaknesses.

The Man of Steel is The Man (apparently)…

According to their research, Superman is the best superhero because he boasts a super-powered array of skills, Superman, if obeying the ‘Law of Energy Conservation’, could exhibit a calculated stored solar energy output of 7.07×105 Joules per second for his ‘Super Flare’ attack.

Adding to that, the ‘Man of Steel’, in theory, “could have higher density muscle tissue than the average human which could aid in several of his superhuman abilities,’ thus making him the strongest candidate for the best superhero of all time.

Meanwhile, Wolverine, Thor and Mystique fared rather impressively too. Black Bolt of Marvel’s Inhumans gets a special mention because he’s the “single most destructive superhero based on a high energy output capable of resulting in planetary annihilation”

Greatest superhero of all time

Batman is apparently the worst…

And here’s the part we don’t like, despite their sound research methods and rationale. The worst superhero of them all is Batman. The Dark Knight lost points for potentially being harmful to himself. “Student calculations suggest the most ill-equipped superhero could be Batman, who would struggle to survive a landing after gliding due to the velocity of his movement,” was the official word on the matter.

Their withering assessment of Batman is as follows: “This inability to perform even the simplest of superhero feats suggest Batman would struggle to get off the ground, let alone save Gotham from the likes of The Joker and Bane.” Ouch.

The only female superhero on the list is Mystique, leaving out the likes of Captain Marvel, Jean Grey, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Catwoman.

Do you agree that Superman is the greatest superhero of all time? Make sure to let us know! You can access all the in-depth, scientific articles used to determine the results of this study at this link – if that’s your kind of thing. 

Greatest superhero of all time