What has Game of Thrones taught us about Cersei Lannister over the past six years? Never underestimate her. As simple as that. In the most recent episode, some rather intriguing developments seemed to spell the end for Cersei when King Tommen decreed that trials by combat were to be banned throughout the Seven Kingdoms.

Was this a definitive victory for the High Sparrow over Cersei? Not quite. After Tommen’s announcement, Qyburn appeared by her side.

“Your grace, that old rumour you told me about—my Little Birds investigated,” he told her.


“Tell me, “she replied. “Was it a rumour or something more?”

“More, Your Grace. So much more.”

Oooooh. Now, to the untrained ear, this cryptic exchange may not seem all that significant but we’re almost certain the maester is referring to the rather large cache of wildfire hidden underneath King’s Landing, thanks by the Mad King. So, in essence, Cersei will put the wildfire to good use and become the Mad Queen.


Basically, with Tommen betraying his mother in favour of combining the crown with the faith — not to mention The Mad King’s appearance in Bran’s vision — we’re sure that Cersei will replicate Aerys II Targaryen’s and ‘burn them all.’ We’re guessing that Bran’s vision was a prognostication of some events which include a particular proclivity for pyrotechnics.

In addition, book readers haven’t neglected Cersei’s choice words in the past, leading many to believe that her diabolical plan is several years in the making.


Battle of the Bastards, the ninth episode of the sixth season, promises to be a humdinger, even if we don’t get a development of the Cersei plot. Regardless, it’s going to be huuuuuge. Check out the specially extended trailer below: