Fan engagement on Game of Thrones has always been one of the more endearing aspects of HBO’s fantasy juggernaut, but, in recent weeks, Icelandic actor Johannes Haukur Johannesson has taken it to new heights by teasing fans about the possible introduction of Lady Stoneheart. Haukur, who portrayed Brotherhood Without Banners member Lem Lemoncloak in the most recent two episodes, has ratcheted up excitement with a series of teasing tweets — and even delivered a ‘lost scene.’

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After Sunday’s ‘No One’ episode effectively shut down the chances of Lady Stoneheart appearing with the return of Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion, the latter of which gave up his remaining lifeforce in the books to resurrect Stoneheart, Haukur posted Lemoncloak’s famous quote from George R.R. Martin’s A Storm of Swords book.

And here’s the Storm of Swords passage itself, as delivered to one of the Freys (via UPROXX):

“She don’t speak,” said the big man in the yellow cloak. “You bloody bastards cut her throat too deep for that. But she remembers.” He turned to the dead woman and said, “What do you say, m’lady? Was he part of it?”

Lady Catelyn’s eyes never left him. She nodded.

Haukur revealing what Stoneheart’s introduction would have been like is yet another nail in the coffin of that theory. If HBO was planning to introduce the character in the near future, they certainly would have requested Haukur take down the clip from his Twitter account, as it would have been deemed to be sensitive material from unaired episodes.

Ah well, what might have been. At least we still have Cleganebowl to look forward to, right? Think again.