About a week ago, a Buzzfeed writer incited debate among fans of The Simpsons across the internet when discussing a certain moment in the Hank Scorpio episode from season eight. During Hank’s introduction in “You Only Move Twice,” the gloriously diabolical owner of Globex Corporation (perfectly voiced by Albert Brooks), tosses a pair of moccasins out the door and asks Homer “ever see a guy say goodbye to his shoe?”

Homer’s response was, “yes, once.” Essentially, there’s two sides to  the debate here: one side believes Homer is referring to just seeing Scorpio do that very thing. The other side asserts that Homer actually HAD seen a man say goodbye to his shoes before.

But wait a second, why would Hank Scorpio throw his shoes out the front door? Sean Connery’s James Bond has the perfect answer for us below:

Yes Scorpio, you’re totally mad.

The Buzzfeed writer became obsessed with it (much like how that Huffington Post writer let the true identity of Ugly Naked Guy from Friends consume his journalistic life for over a year), and reached out to Homer himself, Dan Castellaneta, for clarification. He’s a busy guy, for sure, but he actually responded with the following:

“The line was improvised. Albert Brooks always improvised whenever he did the show. That line was a reflexive response to Albert’s improvised line about seeing a man say goodbye to a shoe. I probably thought it was a previous time but it is funnier if it means he saw it at that moment.”



There you have it. Homer hadn’t actually seen a man say goodbye to his shoes before. Yes, it may not be the most important issue in the world but it certainly had the Simpsons fanbase’s attentions fixated over the past few days. Interestingly, Simpsons writers Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein both said they thought Homer was referring to a previous incident before Castellaneta’s reps got back to the Buzzfeed writer.

You can check out the scene below.

Now that the debate is settled by Homer himself, let’s all go out and celebrate in the way Homer would – with a all the rich, creamy gloriousness of a Good Morning Burger.