The fictional worlds of Westeros and Essos are so expanse and detailed, it’s difficult to keep track of all the history, lineages and mythos surrounding them. One of the most complex aspects of George R.R. Martin’s imagination is House Targaryen, a dynasty as compelling and fascinating as it is frustrating. Frustrating because, for anyone who hasn’t delved into the A Song of Ice and Fire novel series, it’s rather difficult to wrap your head around. We’ve always wanted a clear and simple House Targaryen

Luckily, Maryon B, a French freelance artist, has designed the definitive breakdown of House Targaryen for you to gaze upon. Her comprehensive work is the only guide you need to understand the history of Daenerys’ family, including a time when the mighty house ruled the Seven Kingdoms, up to Robert Baratheon’s rebellion overthrowing the Mad King Aerys II (Daenerys’ father) of course.

Maryon spoke to Vox about her project: “I actually started the Tree out of spite because all their descriptions (and fan representations) make them look the same — beautiful, silver-haired and purple eyes and it frustrated me to see them as elf-clones.”

The family tree includes over 100 characters and some 16 generations.

Here it is – the only House Targaryen family tree you’ll ever need

House Targaryen family tree

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Maryon, as you may have guessed by now, is a die-hard fan of both Martin’s novels and the Game of Thrones show. She also told Vox why and when she started her project, which started with drawing Baelor, Breakspear and Maekar (who feature in the Tales of Dunk and Egg novella series which is also set in the A Song of Ice and Fire’s universe):

[I]t got me interested in their ancestors, so I worked from there. At first I never thought I’d do the whole bunch, but it’s when I realized that I was already halfway through just by making Maekar’s descendants that I gave in: “While I’m at it, might as well do the rest…”

The project was fulfilling, time-consuming and extremely challenging, but Marlyon said she learned a lot from doing it.

Aenys I’s lineage

House Targaryen family tree

“I had to find inspiration and study some real people’s faces so I learned a lot since I started.”

“In the end it made me appreciate House Targaryen much more since now I share a personal story with each and every one of them, and I would suggest anyone who likesGame of Thrones to be curious about them because they have a lot of stories to tell.”

Make sure to visit Maryon’s DeviantArt page for more of her work and several excerpts from her immense House Targaryen masterpiece. She’s also started her next Thrones family tree: the Freys.

House Blackfyre

House Targaryen family tree