It’s true what they say – you don’t get anything in life for free these days. Ryan Reynolds definitely understands this given that his character Deadpool has had a pretty expensive cameo.

There’s no denying it. Us movie fans get uber excited when there’s a cameo appearance – especially if it’s done well. There’s nothing better than a character popping up and cracking inside jokes for fans in another highly anticipated film. Awesome or what?!

Recently, comic book fans have been in for a real treat when it comes to cameos. So far this year, we have seen Zack Synder in a cameo role and get a good beating by Batman. It’s safe to say that plenty of fans were thrilled by this and felt like it was justified after Dawn of Justice was released. As well as this, we saw Stan Lee deliver a parcel to “Tony Stark” which left us all in giggles. If you didn’t laugh at that then you’re a liar!

In spite of these high-profile cameos, we were shocked to discover that they didn’t make as big a dent in their respective film’s budgets until Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds recently confirmed that the cameo in Deadpool cost the film $10,000.

So what on earth was this $10,000 for I hear you ask? Well…it was for a tank top worn by Deadpool with Bea Arthur’s face on it. Yep. A tank top.

Considering that Deadpool is Bea Arthur’s “No.1 fan,” and the woman behind the name of the spaceship in Deadpool Corp, Reynolds insisted that it was only right to include her in some shape or form.

“Potentially cinema’s most expensive Easter Egg ever…as a producer, I had to approve that $10,000…You can’t have a Deadpool movie without Bea Arthur.”

Did it really have to cost $10,000 though? I mean that just seems a little bit excessive given that it’s only a tank top. With that said, it is Deadpool after all. Given that it’s one of our favourite movies of the year we’ll let them off with it this time.