Game of Thrones’ blockbuster episode featuring Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton squaring off in the Battle of the Bastards is almost upon us. The GoT fandom levels of excitement have reached fever-pitch ahead of what’s being billed as ‘the biggest episode the show has ever pulled off.’

Indeed, it’s become instinctive to rush to YouTube and watch the preview for next week’s instalment after an episode has aired. After episode eight aired last week, we rushed to see HBO immediately uploading a specially extended clip for Battle of the Bastards. The clip was exclusively dedicated to the enormous battle, with every storyline seemingly taking a backseat.

However, that’s not the case. HBO has been slightly misleading in their marketing for the episode. Despite what they may have you believe, the episode will dedicate time to the various mother storylines across the show. In other words, it won’t be just the Battle of the Bastards. We have confirmation of it, as you can see below:

As you can easily surmise, the episode focuses on Theon and Yara Greyjoy, who have escaped their uncle Euron and will reach Meereen, where they will meet Daenerys. A burgeoning relationship between Daenerys and Yara? Hmmm, that’s rather intriguing.

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While we’re interested to see how this particular story plays out, we were holding out for an entire episode of Bastards beating the shit out of each other. The penultimate episode is always the show-stopper, so to speak, and the showrunners have always delivered, with memorable events like Blackwater, the Battle of Castle Black and, most recently, Hardhome. While Hardhome was merely a riveting 25-minute sequence at the end of the episode, Blackwater and Cast Black were uninterrupted. We were hoping for the same for the Battle of the Bastards, which is the most ambitious thing Thrones has done in terms of sheer scale and production.

Watch the trailer for the episode below: