It was easy to get lost in the moment during Game of Thrones’ Battle of the Bastards. It was epic and furious action, giving us a blockbuster episode to savour for years. However, one of the most impressive aspects of the episode was fitting in some subtle throwbacks to previous seasons amidst the enthralling action.

In fact, right in the heat of battle, the showrunners harked back to a famous shot of Daenerys when filming Jon Snow’ suffocation under the overwhelming forces of Ramsay Bolton. As Jon reached up to the sky, the camera panned out and showed the piles of bodies around him in a pit of desperation.

It was in stark contrast to season three, when Daenerys became the Breaker of Chains after freeing the slaves of Yunkai, in turn calling her “mhysa,” which means “mother.”


Speaking about his scene, Kit Harrington said: “When the crush starts happening, he slows down, and there’s that thing of peace where he thinks ‘I could just stay here and let it all end.’ And then something drives him to fight on, and that moment when he grasps for, he is reborn again, which I found weirdly reflective of the scene where Danny is held aloft at the end of season three.”

It’s an intriguing parallel indeed considering that the colour difference in the two shots appear to denote cold and hot, echoing George RR Martin’s title for the entire story, A Song of Ice and Fire. Is this a subtle hint that the relationship between Daenerys and Jon could be key in seasons to come? They’ve never shared a scene and Harington recently admitted he wasn’t sure if that would change but, considering the R + L = J theory, it would make sense for the two central characters to meet at some point.