Sunday was Father’s Day, in case you forgot. It’s a day when everyone around the world honoured fathers, from the ‘perfect’ ones to the ‘flawed’ ones. Of course, perhaps the most famous cinematic dads is Darth Vader and, fittingly, Vader actor David Prowse took to Twitter to wish his followers a Happy Father’s Day, marked with the hashtag #IAmYourFather.

“#HappyFathersDay from Darth Vader #IamYourFather”

Naturally Mark Hamill – being very active on social media – responded in true, light-hearted Hamill fashion. His reply sayeth: “Thanks for thinking of me Dave! Love to you from your movie son, Mark.”

But wait, it gets even better from there. Prowse retorted perfectly: “Cheers Mark let me know if you need a hand with anything,” he tweeted with a smiley face, heart and hand emoticon, in a brilliant reference to Vader cutting Luke’s hand off in The Empire Strikes Back.

Hamill is a well-known expert user of Twitter, constantly trolling his fans with fake Star Wars spoilers, but Prowse matched him blow-for-blow here.

Here’s the exchange below: