Guess what, more Justice League movie news. With the tidal wave of Justice League set visit coverage that’s come out, we were most interested in seeing how the Batman v Superman follow-up would approach the narrative in terms of tone. One of the main criticisms levelled at Zack Snyder’s BvS was that it was far too dark and perceived as essentially joyless. However, in what can surely be taken as good news, it looks as though the Justice League will be significantly lighter in tone than Dawn of Justice.

Speaking about the tone (via Collider), Snyder said the film will strike audiences as contrasting to both Man of Steel and Justice League.

“I think I’m obsessed with tone in the movies. Tone has always been the main thing that I go after with a movie, and I really wanted the tone of the three movies to be different chapters and not be the same note that you strike like, ‘Okay, there’s this again.’ I really wanted that, and I do believe that since Batman v Superman came out and we’ve wrapped our heads around what Justice League would be, I do think that the tone has, because of what fans have said and how the movie was received by some, is that we have kind of put the screws to what we thought the tone would be and crushed it that little bit further.”

Speaking about the criticism to Batman v Superman, producer Deborah Snyder said she believed it stemmed from her husband Zack’s deconstruction of iconic superhero characters.

“I think the main thing we learned is that people don’t like to see their heroes deconstructed. [laughs] I think that’s hard because it’s people we’ve grown up with and that we care about. They like seeing them in all their glory.”

Justice League

“I think every film is a learning experience. Right? And we hear what everyone has to say because we care what the fans say, at the same time, every story that we’re telling is a completely different story, and I think what’s really great is that where we were going is kind of what the audience is wanting. We just had to take the characters from somewhere to bring them up to where they are and that was kind of our journey.”

However, while Deborah conceded that plans always evolve because of creative processes, it appears as though Justice League will not be a complete knee-jerk reaction to the lukewarm reception for Batman v Superman.

“Well, listen, I think it’s all a creative process and you’re always changing and evolving as you go. We’ve been working on the script, we’re aware of things. I don’t know if we’re making those decisions [based on the reaction]. I know we wanted to always make this film to bring up these characters. So obviously I think it’s affected the process in some way, but it was also kind of where we were headed.”

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Zack added that he was slightly surprised by the reaction and that it caught him off guard and revealed that it affected him deeply because he loves the characters and source material so deeply.

“You know, when Batman v Superman first came out, I was like, ‘Wow, okay, woof.’ It did catch me off-guard. I have had to, in my mind, make an adjustment, and maybe it’s my hardcore take on the characters as far as I love ‘em, and I love the material. I do, I take it really deep. So I think the nice thing about working on Justice League is that it is an opportunity to really blow the doors off of the scale and the bad guys and team-building and all the stuff that I think I could justify as a big, modern comic book movie, if that makes any sense.”

“I mean, when I say ‘hardcore,’ I mean sort of canon hardcore, you know? And I would say, yes, we have treated these characters—especially now as we have evolved them into the team, I think we’ve pushed them a lot more toward what I would consider more the sort of iconic… because that, frankly, was what the evolution was. I mean, not to give anything away or say anything that would be too telling of where we’re headed with the movie, but death is darker than, say, resurrection or team-building. It’s just a darker concept, like when you’re dealing with Dark Knight Returns or Death of Superman, those kinds of ideas. As opposed to, ‘Oh, let’s build a team and fight the bad guy!’ It’s a different energy.

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