There’s massive Justice League news dropping all over the place today. Here’s what Comic Book Resources said about the movie being less dark than Batman v Superman, which is a pretty big step for the DCEU. Not a bad one, but a big one. Also, Snyder explains his decision to kill Superman at the end of Batman v Superman.

“I think it’s all a creative process and you’re always changing and evolving as you go,” Deborah Snyder said. “We’ve been working on the script, we’re aware of things. I know we wanted to always make this film to bring up these characters. So obviously I think it’s affected the process in some way, but it was also kind of where we were headed.”

“This is a movie about coming together,” Deborah Snyder said. “It’s a movie about building them up. So this is really an arc that we started. We have to go somewhere. You have to start from somewhere to really get to that point. But I think we’re gonna see all the heroes in a way that people know them from the comic books.”

Finally, Zack revealed why he ‘killed’ Superman in Batman v Superman, justifying his decision by saying that he wanted the Man of Steel to understand humanity and said he felt he needed to die to appreciate it.

“I wanted to get to a Superman that had a reason to be Superman, a reason to feel the way he felt about humanity, that we all understand from the comic books,” Zack explained. “As far as a moral compass goes, he’s pretty much the thing. But I feel like he had to go through something to be that.”