As you may have been able to guess, Ben Affleck’s Batman is getting a few toy upgrades for Justice League. The set visits revealed a couple of awesome new vehicles the Dark Knight will be seen cruising around in during the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice follow-up.

The Night Crawler

The Night Crawler (awesome name, by the way) is Batman’s new four-wheel drive vehicle that can tackle the toughest of terrains, making it more practical than the new and improved Batmobile.

Slash Film’s description reads: “On all fours, the vehicle is 25-30 feet in height, and the legs can puncture into almost any surface. In Justice League the vehicle is used in a sequence which takes place in an abandoned tunnel which was being constructed in the 1930s to connect Gotham City to Metropolis. This is a vehicle completely new to the Batman universe. Storyline-wise, the vehicle was created by Wayne Technology for the military in the 1960s and adopted by Batman for his needs.


Also, there’s a scene in the film that will see Batman firing a flamethrower to dispose of some of Steppenwolf’s Parademons.

But wait, it gets better, Batman will also have a vehicle called The Flying Fox in order to transport the entire Justice League from A to B.

The Flying Fox

Slash Film say: “The plane has three levels. The bottom houses the Batmobile, has seats on the wall, and has a ramp that lowers. The second has a wall armory of weapons and a cockpit/gunner in the front where Batman (or Alfred in one piece of concept art) controls the weapons. The main cockpit seats two people and is situated at the back of the third level, giving this plane a much different look from many of the other flying vehicles in superhero films.”

Justice League


According to the reports, Batman will be getting two Batsuits in Justice League. The first one is a slightly tweaked version of the one we saw in Batman v Superman that won’t be obviously different. It will apparently have some new armour plates in the chest and a tweaked cowl. However, a second Batsuit will be constructed by Batman and Alfred in the Justice League’s “final chapter,” specifically designed for the rigours of the mission in the film’s third act.

It’s been described as a ‘tactical Batsuit’ and “it looks very much like the classic Batsuit augmented with straps and layers of leather and protective plates,” according to Slash Film.

These are all great additions to Batman’s arsenal of weapons and armoury and coupled with the rumours swirling around a few months back that he’d be driving a Bat Submarine down to Atlantis to recruit Aquaman for the Justice League, this could be the most technologically advanced Dark Knight we’ve ever seen on the big screen.