Filming is currently underway for Spider-Man: Homecoming. It’s the first project in the new collaboration between Sony and Marvel and thankfully it doesn’t look like it’s the last either.

By the sounds of things, both Sony and Marvel have pretty exciting plans for Spidey’s future given that according to reports both studios are eagerly putting their blueprints together along with concocting some pretty epic plans for the superheroes future in the MCU.

Sony Pictures Entertainment chairman, Tom Rothman has been chatting about the plans for Spider-Man’s future with The Hollywood Reporter and his hopes to have him pop in for a visit with The Avengers on a fairly regular basis. Awesome!

What was very interesting about the whole scenario was Rothman’s claim that when it comes to the Sony/Marvel partnership, Marvel is “the ultimate authority”. Hmmm, we can’t help but wonder how long that statement will stand. What do you reckon?

Never mind Spider-Man: Homecoming, we’re thrilled to learn that Spider-Man will also be getting his very own animated film. What’s even cooler is that it won’t have anything to do with the drama of the live-action films either.

Rothman struggled to hide his excitement when interviewed about it stating that they are aiming for a release date of 2018 for “what I [Rothman] believe is truly going to be a breakthrough animated sensation.” The story is said to be credited with the hard work of producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Let’s just hope that it lives up to all the hype!

Executives are remaining tight-lipped on it at present but rumour has it that Bob Persichetti will be making his directorial debut with Miles Morales taking the lead role. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet but we’ll keep you posted once we know the latest!

Spider-Man: Homecoming doesn’t hit cinemas until July 7, 2017 so unfortunately we’ve still got a year to wait. Hopefully it’ll fly in – our Spidey senses are tingling already with sheer anticipation!