You have to give Universal Studios credit when it comes to their shared monsters cinematic universe. The studio isn’t pulling any punches in attempting to lure the biggest stars to their exciting project with a new rumour suggesting they are eyeing Dwayne Johnson, the ridiculously busy artist formerly known as The Rock, for their Wolf Man reboot.

Despite having a frighteningly hectic schedule of movies over the next four or five years, Universal are expecting the beastly A-lister to clear some space for their big-budgeted update of the classic monster B-movie.

Deadline revealed the news by way of a throwaway line saying Universal were circling The Rock for headlining The Wolf Man. Judging from the scarcity of details in their report, this would appear to be in the most preliminary of stages but it would make sense, especially considering that Universal have snatched up Tom Cruise for The Mummy Reboot, while Johnny Depp appears to be locked in for a new version of The Invisible Man.

But is Johnson the right name for this particular role? He obviously possesses a beastly physique, but does he have the dramatic heft to tackle the psychological nuances of the role? He’s chock full of charisma but the Wolf Man is a tortured, complex character which requires a level of deep acting — in this writer’s opinion anyway — we haven’t exactly seen from the former WWE star. Hopefully I’m wrong. Who knows. It is becoming somewhat clear that The Rock can do just about anything.

In any case, The Wolf Man is being written by Prisoners screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski and is currently set for an April 13, 2018 release date.