Captain America and Iron Man have a great run with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with both iconic superheroes getting their own trilogies. Of course, now that they have wrapped up their respective solo franchises, there’s some uncertainty over what Marvel Studios will do after Avengers: Infinity War, which will wrap up the MCU’s Phase 3.

It doesn’t seem all that likely that we’ll get Iron Man 4, judging by Robert Downey Jr’s previous comments but, according to Sebastian Stan (who plays Bucky Barnes), Captain America 4 is pretty much a guarantee.

Asked by GQ in a recent interview “Is there anything official with the next Captain America film?”, Stan’s response was rather interesting:

“There will be, I just don’t know when. It’s kind of like this weird mystery. It’s fun and nerve-wracking. The best way to describe it is that you just get a phone call one day that’s like, “You’re going to report to set,” and off you go. We all get along really well, so it’s really fun.

Captain America

“My relationship with Anthony Mackie is one of the perks of my life, knowing that man. It’s fun. It’s very collaborative. Everyone knows what the goal is; we all want to make something that’s great and different and that surprises fans. We all just assume our roles in the puzzle. There’s no drama.”

Stan’s comments are interesting because they come across as confirmation that Captain America 4 will be in the works. However, what makes it even more intriguing is that it may be a Captain America movie without Chris Evans as the Star Spangled Avenger himself. We’re expecting Evans to fulfill his Marvel contract up to and including Infinity War but, by the time that two-part spectacular rolls around, Evans will have appeared in seven Marvel movies, assuming he will feature in both parts. It’s entirely possible that Marvel is planning to pass the shield to Bucky Barnes for Phase 4.

Also, Stan weighed in on the whole Cap/Bucky romance which fans shipped hard for after Captain America: Civil War. His response was predictably diplomatic:

“Look, man, I think it’s great. Movies are for people to relate to in whatever way they want. No one here is ever going to point a finger and say what’s right and wrong. For me, it’s like, Awww. It’s cute, it’s great. If someone takes the time to think about that, that’s great. I don’t think of the character that way, though. But there’s no right or wrong answer.”