Ewan McGregor has always seemed open to the idea of reprising his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars after originally appearing in George Lucas’s prequel trilogy. However, the Scottish actor is a well-established star in Hollywood and isn’t short on exciting projects on his plate, including fronting Fargo season three, making his directorial debut with American Pastoral and reuniting with Danny Boyle for Trainspotting 2.

And it seems his slate of current projects has helped him think less about returning to a galaxy far, far away after telling Parade that he’s never really understood the global fanaticism synonymous with sci-fi franchise.

“I’m asked by everybody all the time, ‘Would you do another one?'”, the actor said. “And I’ve said, ‘Yeah, I’d be happy to’, because I think there’s a film between Episode III and Episode IV, which is when Alec Guinness is in the desert.”

“But I’ve been asked about it so much now that I’m being criticised for trying to persuade Disney to make this movie! I only responded to people asking me about it, and now it looks like I’m sort of looking for work, which is humiliating. I couldn’t care less if it happens, but when Star Wars people ask me if I would do it, the answer is yes, so that’s how I feel about it.”

McGregor has certainly made his point. If Disney approached him offering to do an Obi-Wan movie, he would probably do it. However, don’t expect him to energetically campaign for it to happen while he’s working on other things. If we’re not careful, he’ll end up embittered and resentful towards the franchise, just like Harrison Ford, who has repeatedly told interviewers down the years that he “doesn’t care” if Han shot first.

Moving on to the Trainspotting sequel, McGregor said he can’t wait to work with Danny Boyle once again, twenty years after the original became a British classic.

“We shoot again in Scotland this summer and the film is due to be out next February, I think. That’s really all I can say about it. It’s going to be amazing to be working with [director] Danny Boyle and the actors who were in the original one again.”

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    The title of this article is a total BS click-bot twist of what he says.. The video interview clearly says he would LOVE to play Ben again.. Thus he DOES care! Bollox Journalism!

  • What a shitty headline and article. I will remember the name of this site and avoid future visits.